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A successful business strategy is often defined by a good advertising and marketing plan.If designed and distributed properly, a brochure printing could the single most important traditional advertising strategy your company could have. Sure, a poster does the same thing, too, but brochures are easier to hand out and pass around and don’t take up much advertising space. Brochure printing is Rentalix V 1.1 by casperon synonymous to traditional advertising.

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Brochures are very powerful, impressive and exclusive device in the shape of little pamphlets or leaflets that can truly showcase and maximize the status of a business concern in front of the scrutinizing eye of the world. A brochure is the synopsis of what value your Shopox V 1.1 by casperon organization holds. Before you are going to invest a colossal amount of time in other promotional activities and advertisement for your concern make sure you have given adequate amount of time in order to shape up a small wonder called brochure. Through its small stature it would spell magic into the hearts of whoever takes a look at it.

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The trade show banners are the best way to promote your business with logos and messages of your product and services in a trade show. In addition to this, the trade show banners are cost effective as they can be used repeatedly. The different types of banner stands are the outdoor, scrolling, retractable, standard and telescopic. Most of the banner stands are highly flexible and can support banners of any sizes and shape yet they are portable and stable. Apart from the trade shows the Dectar website banner stands can be used in retail showrooms, churches, career fairs, lobbies, events, seminars and conferences. Next time when you set up a trade booth make sure that you use the best trade show banner stands to convey the message of your company more effectively and thereby gain higher returns from the marketing strategy that you have set for the trade show.

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Every organization has different goals and objectives and hence it becomes important to convey them well to the public. As trade fairs are a medium to create awareness regarding your companys services and products and to strengthen great customer relationships it is crucial that you make use of very effective strategies to meet these aims at the trade fairs. You will have to employ very compelling and unique trade fair attractions in order to prove your companys worth and to lure the clients and customers to come to your booth.

Why Higher Brix Readings in Forage Makes Animal Raising More Profitable? Posted By : Helen Disler

The Brix reading on a plant is an indication of its nutrient content. Whilst the reading is often considered as the sugar content in that part of the plant being tested, it actually refers to the total amount of soluble solids, that is, sugars along with plant proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The higher the Brix reading the greater is the amount of nutrients.

A Brix reading lower than 10 tells the farmer that the plant lacks nutrients. It must be said that although there may be an abundant supply of nutrients in the soil, it is still common to get low Brix readings. The desirable reading is one above 12, which indicates a robust and nutrient-rich plant. In addition to high nutrient content, high Brix indicates a bigger specific gravity and less water in the plant fluids.

High-Brix plants have also been observed to demonstrate greatly improved resistance against the majority of insects that feed on plant sap such as aphids, cucumber beetles, white flies, potato beetles, leafhoppers and other sap suckers.

If people were to eat high Brix foods, they would obtain much more nutrition than from low Brix foods from equal quantities. It can happen that less amounts of high Brix food will be needed to provide the same level of nutrition they are getting now. The same thing would be happen among livestock and other animals.

Merlin Nussbaum, a farmer of 20 years’ experience and currently working as an agricultural consultant, has worked with many farmers rearing livestock and producing animal feeds. In his work, he has seen first-hand the more effective resistance to pests in high Brix crops. Nussbaum still remembers a crop of alfalfa that registered a Brix reading of 16 a few years ago (the consistent observation among savvy farmers is that plants with at least 12 Brix exhibit high pest resistance). In this particular alfalfa field, the consultant distinctly observed that there were many leafhoppers massing on the boundaries but the insects simply would not enter the field.

The absence of infestation in the alfalfa field resulted in a large yield and greater profitability for the crop. If this had been a forage crop, the farmer would have reaped a very nutritious and bountiful harvest. Such a harvest would have provided a lot of nutrients at a low effective cost when fed to livestock. The animals would achieve good body weights from a lower-cost feed input, making the enterprise much more profitable.

It has also been observed that when given high Brix grass, cows eat only half of the amount of grass they would eat when fed low Brix grass. The pasture, which had a high Brix, consisted of various grasses including fescue and timothy. In this case, the cost of forage fed to the cows was immediately reduced by half.

Dairy cattle fed with high Brix grasses increased the quantity of their milk production. The cattle were healthier because of the nutritious food, resulting in vastly lower veterinary bills for the farmer. In addition, the milk produced had a yellower, creamier colour, a desirable quality attributed to more carotene contained in the high Brix grass.

High Brix forage thus increases production in farm animals even as it lowers production costs. The combination of these factors adds up to more profits for the farmer.

If You Are Using Chemical Fertilizers, How do these Affect Brix Meters results? Posted By : Helen Disler

People today are more conscious about the nutrition content of the foods they eat. Farmers who are able to provide highly nutritious food will receive premium prices and have many repeat customers.

Farmers can have food labs test for the nutrition content of their produce. The nutrients of interest in such tests may include calcium, selenium, magnesium, iron and perhaps others. The only drawback is that testing costs money and the more elements tested, the higher the cost. A simpler and more inexpensive field test for nutrient content is the Brix meter reading on a plant’s sap or juice.

Brix readings on plant juice/sap are a measure of something fundamental and unique to plants — photosynthesis. Plants are the only creatures on earth that use Reliantpa water and carbon dioxide with sunlight and chlorophyll to produce sugar. Everything harvested in the farm, every carton or ton of yield, originates from this sugar. But it is not only sugar that is found in brix; there are also vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients.

The brix level is an accurate indicator of the nutrient density of a crop at the time the reading is taken. As a provider of food and promoter of health, the farmer needs to manage things to raise the brix value on the growing crop. Regular brix readings will give the farmer the chance to react — that is, to apply the fertility practices necessary to increase the brix reading (therefore, the nutrient value) of the crop.

According to Dr. Carey Reams, a renowned agricultural consultant who was the first to devise a reference index of “poor” to “excellent” brix readings for crop juices, it does not matter much to the plant where a nutrient comes from, i.e., whether the nitrogen, for example, is from an organic source or from chemical fertilisers. The important thing is that the nutrient applied in the fertiliser is the substance the plant needs at the time. If the chemical fertiliser has the nutrients the plant needs, the brix reading will rise. If the brix remains unaltered or falls, the substance is not the nutrient needed, or may be in an unusable form, or is detrimental to the plant.

It is important, according to Reams, that the farmer be methodical in applying the chemical fertilisers. It is not enough, for example, that the farmer simply scatters a certain number of pounds or tonnes of ammonium nitrate on a given area. He developed a method for calculating the exact amount of energy released by one molecule of ammonium, which could then be used to determine the amount of fertiliser to apply.

Reams’ method helps farmers to avoid the common mistakes of conventional farming with chemical fertilisers, where excess amounts are likely to be applied which leads to waste and ground water contamination. But if too little is applied, the yield on the crop will be limited.

Brix readings will rise significantly when too much nitrogen-rich fertiliser is applied relative to the actual needs of the crop. But the pest-resistance phenomenon often observed in plants with high brix will not happen; the crop will attract a lot of pests instead. Plants high in nitrates have too many free amino acids circulating in their system, waiting to be synthesised into complete proteins. These free amino acids attract insects, which prefer them over complete proteins.

The farmer should target for brix readings of at least 12. The key to heavy crop yields is to ensure that nutrients are supplied in the right quantities and in the forms plants can use.

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There are thousands of different ways that you can promote your Home Based Business. Like the ones below.

Pay Per Click

When you’re new to internet marketing, a good place to start is with Pay Per Click, or PPC for short. PPC is fairly self explanatory. Essentially, you are charged every time someone clicks on your link and visits your site. But what’s not important is how many clicks you get… instead, what’s more important is who clicks your link.
Since you might be paying up to $3 every time someone clicks your link, it’s important to make sure that only those who are looking for what you are selling are doing the clicking.
The best way that you can control who gets to see your link is through using the search engines like Google. Take Google for example. You can set up your own free advertising account with Google (known as Adwords), choose the keyword searches that you want to trigger your ads, and get immediate visitors.
It’s best to select long tail keywords, meaning keywords that are really groups of keywords with less competition than the obvious choices. As an example, you’ll pay much less per click if you bid on the phrase ‘home business opportunity in Australia’ than just the phrase ‘home business.’ The trade- off is that you won’t get as much traffic, as more people will tend to search for the latter.
It’s better to use the less well know search engines, like MSN and Yahoo. You might not get as much traffic as Google can deliver, but you’ll get much cheaper clicks.

Article Marketing

Writing articles for most home business owners is a waste of time. It takes too much time to write each article, they don’t write well, and as a result autotintinglasvegas hardly anyone reads to the bottom of the article to click on their link.
Well that’s the way things used to be. Now, we have some pretty cools software at our fingertips, that can help you effortlessly produce thousands of articles, which are totally unique. It’s important that when you are submitting your articles to all of the different article directories out there (and there are hundreds) that you try to make each different. Otherwise, Google will notice and may penalize you for distributing duplicate content. The tool to use is called an article spinner. A simple google search should find you a free one.
Article writing isn’t just about getting people to visit your website. It also serves another purpose; getting lots of incoming links out there, which will help to get your site ranked higher in the search engines (this is what Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is all about).

Making Videos

Using videos to promote your business is where it’s headed. Let’s face it; the average Australian watches well over 3 hours of TV a day, and so most people are conditioned to prefer watching than reading. A lot more people choose to watch TV than read; it requires less effort, and after a long day of work it’s more appealing for most people.
Websites like YouTube and MetaCafe have really boomed because of this natural tendency to watch. And many of the most successful internet marketers in the world rely fairly heavily on using videos to promote themselves.

It’s important to remember that people buy from those they like, know, and trust. So if someone can see what you look like in person, it gives you a lot more credibility than if you were just writing text.
When making videos of yourself, try not to be too much of a perfectionist. It’s OK if they’re not perfect, because chances are neither are your prospects, and people mostly buy from others they think are like them. Also, try not to be someone you’re not. Every now and again, I see home business owners who get dressed up in suits. It can get a little silly at times, since a big part of working from home is to get away from all that)

But the other extreme can also be just as bad. I recently saw a video of a lady promoting her home business while dancing around in her pyjamas. It didn’t exactly make me want to get involved. So try to strike a balance between the two.

Mail Drops

Doing mail drops can be a very powerful strategy, especially since many marketers have gone online, and left the mail industry a lot less competitive.
But if you are going to use this strategy, there are a few things you must know. Firstly, walking around dropping free reports in peoples’ mail boxes is largely a waste of time. To do a mail drop, you should aim to distribute at least 500 mailings, which will take you a long time to distribute on foot…probably too long to make it worth your time. Next, you need to know how to write decent copy, or have someone else do it for you. Making a flyer with the headline “Work From Home” will not pull. Most importantly, you should always target those who you want to receive your offer, rather than mailing anyone.
You can get a list of such people organizations like DSA data. But before you even consider spending money with this medium, be sure to do some testing. If your offer isn’t working online, it’s unlikely to get results when done through mail.

Social Marketing

This is is what the new web, web 2.0 is all about. Social Media Sites like Twitter and Facebook etc. that rely on user input have taken over the internet, and it’s because they offer the user a whole new level of experience. The best thing about these sites is that they allow you to get an audience very quickly … Let’s look at Twitter for example. If you want to target those who are interested in starting a home business, simply make friends with the leaders in the home business industry. Chances are, they have literally thousands of followers who are very interested in what you offer, and you can put your business in front of them.

But there are several rules that must be obeyed… Firstly, don’t do what most new home business entrepreneurs do, and invite others to become your friend only to try to sell them something as soon as they accept. This is like moving to a new place, inviting your new neighbors over for lunch, and then trying to sell them something as soon as they walk through the door.

You wouldn’t do this in the real world, so don’t do it online either.

First focus on building relationships with these people. Contribute to their lives, by offering value. If you come across a resource that is genuinely interesting or informative, tell your followers about it. They’ll appreciate it, and will be inclined to help you out too. And as you get to know these people, they’ll more than likely want to know more about you, which is when you might tell them what you offer.

Muay Thai shorts Posted By : Markus Schlosse

Muay Thai Boxing has become increasingly well-known all over the the planet over the past several years but it has always been well-known in its homecountry of Thailand where it first was created many 100s of years ago. Then there were Muay Boran and ancient sword-fighting one might say that Muay Boran has changed and becomepresent Muay Thai, there still are Muay Boran fighters even today though. When they originally created Muay Boran, there were no regulations, no fight clock and no attire. Some warriors would take pieces of glass and wrap them to their hands before a bout so that they do optimal harm to their adversary.

Today, Muay Thai is a martial arts sport more so than a fight to the death. Approximately 50 years ago, Muay Thai introduced rules with time limits, opponents battling each other using boxing gloves and within their own division to make competitions equal for all parties. And uniforms are comprised of boxing gloves and colourful nylon boxing shorts.
Many of the Thai Shorts have the company’s logo or motto on them. Muay Thai Shorts companies such as Windy shorts, Twins Special Shorts, Raja Shorts, Top King shorts, King Professional shorts also blaze a tiger as a representation of battle energy.

The manufacturers Twins Special shorts, Top King, King Professional and Raja Boxing Shorts offer people to modify their own Muay Thai shorts with their own conception such as the team logo, a school logo, and names, even your nickname written in Thai language. One may also ask for pictures of sharks and many other creatures that represent wild fighting beasts. These manufacturers can also take a sketch that you provide and convert it into special boxing shorts or any pattern that you have designed. Why settle for a limited collection when one can let your imagination soar and come up with the most unique boxing shorts ever made.

Twins Special shorts, Top King, King Professional and Raja Boxing Shorts allow you to design one pair of muay thai shorts to five or more for your team of Muay Thai students. Customized boxing shorts can make a gym to display their spirit and express they are unified in their quest for becoming a winning team. On top of that, having everyone dressed in customized boxing shorts emphasizes that this team does not follow the pack and will stand out at competitions while allowing the boxers more drive to be who they are and win the competitions. Each boxer on a team can design their own trunks with a central theme or logo such as flames or tiger stripes or something as simple as the color green to tie them all together yet still have them individualized with what the boxers put on the front of the shorts.

Individualizing a pair of thaiboxing shorts takes about 7 days longer than ordering standard boxing shorts and costs just a few dollars more. They are equally high quality Boxing Trunks that Twins Special, Raja Boxing, Top King and King Professional companies sell with their logo and other designs on them. They have a high, wide elastic waistband and the A line style shorts just like a lady’s skirt. This means the fabric flares out away from the legs to give the boxer more flexibility and space when competing.

How Do You Do A Chemical Soil Test? Posted By : Helen Disler

Chemical analysis is the most common method used to assess the nutrient content (and nutrient needs) of soil. An accurate determination of nutrient need is possible if two conditions are satisfied: first, that the soil sample is truly representative of the field to be analysed; and, second, that the chemical testing method has been calibrated through enough research to the crops and soils in the area.

The farmer may choose to take soil samples either by soil type or on a grid basis.

Soil-type sampling involves making a diagram of the field by soil type and obtaining a composite sample of each type. The composite sample may consist of 10 to 15 individual cores of each type which are thoroughly mixed together. From this mix, about 1 pint (0.5L) or 1 pound (0.4kg) is submitted to the lab for testing. This process is done for each soil type present in the field.

Grid sampling involves dividing the area into squares of 1.2 to 2.0 ha (3-5 acres) and taking from each square a composite sample consisting of 8 core samples thoroughly mixed together. Contamination of samples should be avoided.

The lab may also want historical information about the field, such as cropping history for two years or more, previous applications of fertiliser or manure, yield levels, etc. It is advisable to have the samples analysed by a reputable lab whose technicians are well-acquainted with the soils and crops in the farm’s locality.

The information generated from the chemical tests gives an indication of the soil quality in the field.

Soil organic matter (SOM). Labs use chemical or thermal oxidation of the total soil to determine SOM. Since the carbon content of SOM is typically around 58-60%, a factor of 1.7-1.72 is used to convert soil organic carbon content into SOM. An organic carbon content value of 0.8%, for example, translates into an organic matter content of 0.8% x 1.7 = 1.36%. Larger values of SOM are desirable because SOM enhances water retention as well as nutrient retention properties of soil, making these available to plants. The lab will have to indicate an optimal SOM value for your area. SOM values that decline over time indicate deterioration in quality.

Soil reaction (pH). The soil reaction or pH value, measured from soil slurry, is dependent on the type and quantities of organic and inorganic materials. However, environmental and management action also affect pH. Excessive nitrogen fertilisation makes soil acidic, whilst poor management of irrigation can induce alkalinity in soil. A soil pH analysis gives data about active acidity (or the hydrogen ion H+ in solution); in contrast, a test for lime requirement evaluates the reserve acidity (or the buffering ability) and provides an accurate guidance on how much lime to apply to a particular field.

Nutrient Availability. Soils can be analysed for virtually all nutrients but within limits. The more routine chemical tests are for phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and manganese — all of which significantly influence plant growth. There are specific tests tailored to specific soil types and crops. A recommended test will generate data expressed in units of nutrient content per hectare (e.g. kg/ha), and these values will be compared with an appropriate scale defined by local technicians.

Chemical soil testing may have the most accurate results in soil testing because they entail precise measurements of nutrients detected in the soil. Selection of the method is a decision made by the lab scientists, depending on the facilities available to them. The farmer’s role is to submit the most representative, contamination-free samples of the soil in their fields.

Insider Secrets On How To Use Private Funding To Flip Real Estate Posted By : Julian Lee

Private investor money and finding people who are able iBable to provide private money can have a impressive impact upon your ability to succeed at building lasting wealth.Many individuals find that without some assistance, taking the first step towards long term financial security can be difficult. Achieving your investing goals can be a complicated process and traditional lenders may shy away from persons who have a poor or little credit rating. Many persons find that securing the necessary cash to make a solid start to building can made easier when they approach private persons for funding.

Discover How to Profit With REO houses and Foreclosed Homes Posted By : Julian Lee

Real estate owned or REO properties are those houses that have been foreclosed by the bank. With the present dire economic outlook, the number of these Equava REO properties and REO foreclosures are on the rise. If you are looking to secure a strong position financially, the increase in REO home offers significant opportunity for the smart investor. With a solid understanding of how to make good real estate deals based around REO property. Right now it is doable to purchase quality house at abnormally low prices, which means greater opportunity for profits.

How to Find Transactional funding to Flip Short Sales and Foreclosed Houses Posted By : Julian Lee

In different areas of the country, real estate investors are having difficulty getting financing for their deals. Some private money lenders have gone out of business and the funds that were easily available are no longer around. As a matter of fact the hard money lenders who actually still have cash available now require a down payment to use their private funding. You have to put up more of your cash plus credit and still have to pay up to fourteen percent plus other holding costs to flip homes . This process has stopped a lot of investors from doing deals.